MIC is a creative design agency based in Dundee. We're experts in logo design, building brands, creating identity systems and making you look fantastic.

If you need a killer logo for your business, then you’ve come to the right place. With over twenty years graphic design experience MIC can create the best logo and identity system for you and your audience.

Logo Design

MIC is a logo design agency working with businesses from all over Dundee, Tayside and Scotland. We help companies create great logos, communicate efficiently with audiences; clarify products and services and develop killer identity systems. Through our logo design process, we get the brand that will work for you and your audience, delivering the right message.

MIC works with organisations of all sizes, big or small, new start-ups or established enterprises to make a logo that works. Through our graphic design experience, we help them to define their purpose, find their voice, understand their customers, and implement strategies to reach their goals. We are branding specialists. Our goal is to assist businesses in building better identities and developing robust brand strategies. Using our design process and branding expertise we get you noticed and to make your customers come back again and again.

Whether you are looking for help developing a new brand, refreshing an old logo or need some advice to creating stationery, exhibition stands or publications; then MIC is the right graphic design agency for you.


Type Design

We design typefaces and fonts. By building your own typeface you give your company a unique visual voice, save on license fees and ensure that all your written materials have consistency. Creating a font takes time, patience and testing. But it's a worthwhile endeavour, ensuring that your company can truly be reflected in all of your publicity materials.

How can we help?

MIC can help you create the perfect logo for your brand. Help you engage with your customers and stand out from your competitors with a professionally designed identity that differentiates you from your competitors.

• We can develop a professional logo
• We can work you to create an effective brand strategy
• We can generate publicity materials with impact
• We can advise on current branding and help improve
• We develop unique animations for all your customer-facing platforms
• We can build graphics to help promote your business
• We make publication to communicate your message

We use design to solve business problems

Creating brand strategies, logo design and identity development is part of marketing. Creating a name and emotional connection that identifies and differentiates a product from other products is a great place to start. MIC is in the business of helping you to look great and appeal to your target audience. Great marketing links to sales and therefore is at the core of any business. But you can’t start marketing until you know who you are. Strategy is the first step. Define who you are, what you do, where people will hear about you and how will they contact you. Before you do any marketing, you need to have a face and a look that is recognised recommended and remembered. You need an identity. You need a logo. You need a brand.

Creating an efficient identity system is essential for all modern businesses. Robust brand strategy planning gives companies focus, differentiates them in the marketplace and positions their products and services as the market leaders. Creating a successful brand is not the work of wizards. However, it does require discipline, a design process and understanding of your marketplace. The process involves all the staff and management to be onboard, an investment of time and money and a creative thought process. When you create a successful brand, you increase awareness, fuel customer loyalty and allow your employees to use one of the best marketing tools to reach customers.

Connecting brands to customers and clients.

Customers engage with brands, and over time they develop brand loyalty, sticking with the same products and services through thick in thin. So how do you achieve brand loyalty? Through positioning, value proposition and excellent customer experience, your clients will become repeating customers.

Design & creative advice

Need help with logo design? Drop us an email, if you are looking for advice on logos, branding, creating motion graphics, producing a publication or would like to learn how to create your graphics.

Making the logo design process understandable

So what is a logo design process? We take you through our logo design process and discuss the steps at the initial meeting. Get to know what to expect. The first step is research, where we look at your company and the relevant marketplace. After we have the research results, we explore potential graphic elements that can represent your business. The final stage is finalising the design and delivering the content to you. And at this point, you will have your identity system and logo to use on all of your marketing materials. If you have any questions about the logo design process, click on the "MIC" to drop us an email.

Building brands, identities and logos.

Logo Design

Building a strong logo drives a business forward, showing a company’s ethos and expressing personality. We research, develop and explore, identifying an effective corporate identity system. Our logo design process is a structured approach to identity development. And we take you through every step of the procedure.

Brand Strategy

No matter whether a company is new or established, we work with organisations of all sizes to help define their purpose, find their niche, share their voice and understand their customers.


Motion is the most engaging communication channel available and by producing a targeted visual campaign we deliver powerful messages to your audience and get you the results that you require. We create custom motion graphics for your Facebook page, unique digital content to show your clients and new publications to promote your products or services.


We help establish your emotional connection with your clients. Positioning is important to any brand; it’s how the world views your company, showcases your competitive advantages and brand benefits. We help companies find their place in the market.

logo design books

Logo Design – Further Reading

Logo design is a large topic, and if you are interested in reading more on the subject we can recommend some books that discuss the theory of effective brand and identity development:
Creating a Brand Identity: A Guide for Designers
Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team
Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, 2nd Edition
Logo Modernism (Design)